The Human Contract Foundation

Exploring Our Human Rights and Human Responsibilities


As human beings we have both rights and responsibilities. The aim of The Human Contract Foundation is to inform and inspire us to mature as humans. We are a group of producers whose projects use infotainment as a progressive form of guidance. Human Contract Foundation offers guidance through books, movies, art installations, TV shows, Blogs, music and Podcasts. Through creative and inspirational forms, we may discover and become the best of ourselves. Through our infotainment we hope to inspire conditions where we can grow and thrive. 

The Human contract is a movement that founder, Maria Dolores, has spent 20,000 hours researching and distilling into what she calls The Seven principles of Human Dignity. The seven principles are based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Human Contract is an opportunity for all of us, to become and to remain accountable to self and therefore to society. The Human Contract is about deepening governance and improving civil courage at a personal, an interpersonal and a global or universal level. We all have rights, but along with our rights we have responsibilities. The Human Contract draws our attention to these rights and responsibilities in a clear, accessible and succinct way. Our personal rights and responsibilities pertain to body, thoughts and emotions. We have interpersonal rights and responsibilities around freedom of expression, movement and life. We can for example live with whomever we wish, wherever we wish, but not at a cost to another.The seventh principle speaks of our collective rights and responsibilities. We need a united and raised collective consciousness to address major environmental, societal and global issues.

The seven principles of human dignity

The Human Contract is composed of seven principles of human dignity, all of which are drawn from the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, The Human Contract principles are based around today’s modern leadership techniques where equal rights, human development and learning are the core values. You can read more about those values here.

1st Principle Body

We have the right to bodily integrity. We have a responsibility to take care of our body

2nd Principle


2nd principle

We have the right to free thought. We have a responsibility for those thoughts

3rd Principle

3rd principle


3rd principle

We have the right to our emotions. We have a responsibility for our emotions and also their consequences


4th principle


4th principle

We have the right to communicate and express ourselves freely. We have a responsibility towards what we communicate and express. We must aim to converse with dignity and respect, for the good of both ourselves and others.

5th Principle

5th principle


5th principle

We have the right to freedom of movement. We have a responsibility in our movement to respect others´, laws and policies

6th Principle

6th principle


6th principle

We have the right to life – to live with whomever we choose, where and how we wish, but not at a detriment to others.This includes all life forms – we must respect all life.

7th Principle

7th principle


7th principle

Collectively we have rights as humans, to live side by side as neighbors, cohabiting in a suitable environment. This is fundamental to our existence. We have collective responsibilities – civil courage – and should stand up against injustice for all life on earth. 


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