We Are One – The 7th Right and Responsibility

by Mari Selby

What if everyone in the world acted as if we were part of each other’s community? Whether building barns, mourning our lost ones, or recovering from Mother Nature’s power, would we then know what it really means to be One?
Sung by Mother Ammachi, “Everyone in the world should sleep without fear, at least for one night, sleep without fear. Everyone in the world should eat to their fill, at least for one day, eat to their fill. There should be one day when there is no violence, no one is injured, no one is harmed. All people young and old should serve the poor and needy, at least for one day, serve selflessly. This is my dream. This is my prayer. Love is the answer, love is the way. Love is the answer, love is the way…”
As caring humans we are awesome to behold in crisis. However today, there are hungry, hurt people everywhere that are longing for your touch, smile, or kind act. We don’t need a crisis to bring the best out in us. We can demonstrate that quality of love and caring anytime. Through the power of our beliefs, and actions we can create a world that is whole and where we truly recognize our connection to all people. The 7th principle of The Human Contract states: “Collectively we have rights as humans, to live side by side as neighbors, cohabiting in a suitable environment. This is fundamental to our existence. We have a collective responsibility – civil courage – and should stand up against all injustice for all life on Earth.”