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The certification is for all different organizations who want to have a more effective, mature, responsible and thriving organization.

We help organizations, non-governmental organizations, corporations, enterprises, institutions, unions or governments.


The Human Contract is a certification designed to help organizations to understand and go deeper into human rights and to futher underst our human responsibilities.

It includes HRDD, Human Rights Due Diligence, a quality mindset, focus on self -mastery and collaboration. The certification process aims to give more effective, thriving organisations, for individuals, groups, or at an organizational level, as well as with clients and suppliers, and with resources and environment.


The certification process depends on the size of the organization. It is an effective leadership program for all cowokers.



THE HUMAN CONTRACT is about how we deepen governance, where we understand and live our rights and responsibilities. It is including and living the seventeen global goals for health, communication and global development. 

Maria has the unusual capacity to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life, by brilliantly linking psychological dimensions of the human condition to current corporate, social and political challenges and opportunities. 

Magnus Magnusson

Director of partnerships and outreach at UNESCO Social and human science sector


Maria Dolores is a strong and principled person with a deep sense of inclusive justice and dignity for all. The Human Contract is about deepening governance, improving civil courage and ensuring dignity for all at three significant levels; personal, interpersonal and universal.

Maria talks about Istima; the learnings we take from the challenges in our lives personally, interpersonally and collectively within our own countries and globally.

A truly inspirational woman, steeped in stoicism with the wisdom of a sage sheathed in sensitivity and soulful empathy. 

Síle Ui Shiaraín

Success Strategist, Educator, Psychotherapist, Talkshow host Whole and one Voice America


Maria is a person that always finds the best out of the people that are around her. It is very easy to get the vibes of her positive energy, regardless of the fact that one might live thousands of miles away from Stockholm, Sweden where she is based. There is a unique value in every single living soul in this planet and that is exactly what she tries to explore and evolve in every single person that she is trying to help.
Can I recommend her? Without any doubts at all: YES. I CAN. Trust me, it is impossible not to.

Avni Dervishi

Globalist engagement for Peace, Stability & Development