Cows for Girl

Running time: 120 Minutes

Genre: Drama

Language: Foreign Language


Suubi, a 13-year-old school girl is exchanged in marriage for a herd of Cows. Her father makes the arrangement with a rich man to cover the medical bill expenses of her ailing mother.


Child Marriage is a human rights violation affecting millions of girls around the world because it denies them the chance of an education and acquisition of different human skills to develop their personalities and explore their childhoods hence robbing them of their long term prospects. The COWS FOR GIRL film project aims to inform, highlight and inspire solutions about forced & under age marriages whilst creating an awareness that will inspire a change. The film weaves together the rights and responsibilities of The Human Contract as it is based on true events.

General Overview

According to the United Nations, Uganda is one of the countries with the highest early and forced marriages. 10% of girls are married off before the age of 15 and 40% of girls are married off before their 18th birthday. Many forced marriages are initiated by the parents as a way of “acquiring wealth” in the form of bride price which is mostly, Cows! To the Contrary, both Ugandan and International Law criminalize elements that comprise forced marriage. The Cows for girl film project was initiated by the Human Contract Foundation in a bid to spread to eradicate the norm of Forced and under age marriages while highlighting the core principles of one’s human rights. In accordance to the Human Contract Foundation: Rights to one’s own thoughts, emotions and body. Individuals subjected to forced marriages must be able to stand and say, “No! Not today”.


For Millions of girls around the world, marriage is not a celebration of union between two adults but instead, an imposed decision due to poverty, customs and traditions, lack of job opportunities, insecurity in the face of war and conflicts, among others hence resulting into an inability to pursue an education, low self-esteem, difficulty in forming relationships, difficulty in trusting people, health complications among others.

The Human Contract Foundation which is built on decency, dignity and entitlement to everyone’s rights and responsibilities asks you to join hands to help fight forced and underage marriages worldwide with the first three principles of the Human Contract which state that everyone has rights to their body, thoughts and emotions. For the start, this will be achieved through the “Cows for girl” film that is based on true events meant to impact both girls and boys to stand up for themselves in case they are forced into marriage. This short film is rooted with a goal of inspiring and shaping a new Global World based on the 1948 United Nation declaration of Universal Human Rights, we believe the number of forced and underage marriages will have reduced gradually.