Síle and The Human Contract

Síle Uí Chiaráin is hosting our upcoming TV-show “Síle and The Human Contract”, where she will be interviewing celebrities about their point of view on The Human Contract.

Having recently retired from her post as a primary school teacher in Ireland, in a career that spanned thirty years, Síle continues to educate, inspire and mentor in her new incarnation as a life and business coach, psychotherapist and success strategist. Síle works with formulas to help clients achieve mind-derived health optimization. Teaching individuals and business communities about Causing an Effect as opposed to Cause and Effect, Síle is taking blueprints for best practice, from philosophy, to initiation, to mastery, one recovery program at a time. Culture is key, when it comes to growth and expansion. Síle’s WHOLE & ONE master plan, frames the 3As of adaptability, authenticity and agility as non-negotiable in the architecture of growth mindset, at individual and organizational levels, for optimum results.

Thoughts are a locomotive to living intentionally, as opposed to living out of habit. Some thoughts are reflexive, but you can also think deliberately. Síle expounds the value of meta-cognition as a launch pad for achieving desired outcomes. When you learn how to think about, what you’ve been thinking about, you are no longer the program, you are the observer of the program, and from here you can change behavioral responses, to change outcomes. Knowledge, particularly psycho-education as well as techniques such as mindfulness, gratitude and self-care are the tools of the trade if you wish to live deliberately and optimize results. The WHOLE & ONE model uses mind hacks, to coach people and partnerships on how to make the requisite mind-set changes, to improve productivity and self-efficacy by managing self-talk, building a healthy relationship with anxiety, and by learning how to rewrite the narrative; tell yourself that different story. It’s like doing a bicep curl for your brain. WHOLE & ONE, you’ve got this!

Síle has launched hear acting career this year and is presently playing the role of Crystal on the Irish-language TV drama Ros na Rún.  A sassy but resilient character, Crystal not unlike Síle is not shy of hard work and is willing to roll up her sleeves and reinvent when the going gets tough. It will be an interesting season ahead as we watch this sensitive but strong character come alive on the small screen and show us how to reboot adaptively, in the face of adversity.

Watch this space!


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