Sustainable foundation

In order to create a sustainable foundation, we are also creating a number of FOR-PROFIT organizations supporting a more mature, peaceful world. We will be inviting right-fit investors to work with us to share the investments and profits.

THC- Media, Marketing and Infotainment institute
Aim to fund and create infotainment projects like movies, Podcasts and TV-shows to own, sell and broadcast. The first marketing client and the main business is to take care of THCF communication, media and marketing needs.

THC- Backoffice institute
Aim to be the trustworthy central administrator for our partners who wants a streamlined and simplified admin/HR SAAS function, with the first client being THCF.

THC- Education institute
Aim to educate and inspire in the THC philosophy with partnerships and our own education organisation, art-installations, conferences/events, and materials. First out is to develop THC commercialized material and events.

THC- Certifications institute
Aim to set up a comprehensive THC certification model like B-Corp and ISO. This is a consulting, administration, and acknowledgement organisation who will extend the THC reach, globally.

THC- Wellness Houses institute
Aim to be THE one place where all good come together in a physical building with wellness in every aspect and facilitation for partnership. This will create a franchise organisation for buildings globally.

THC- Wellness Travels institute
Aim to
a), Take the wellness house concept onto ships and bring it to new places.
b), Accommodate large groups/organisations to visit existing Wellness Houses.
c), Arrange sustainable conferencing trips to large resorts/countries for THC wellness experiences.

THC-The new generation community institute
Aim to create a wellness megastore and communications platform for all partners, services, products in the THC network.

THC-Good funding and grant institute
Aim to create a large fund of “good money” to be invested in social/sustainable enterprises and will act as an early-stage incubator.
This will not stop here. As soon as we see a human need to grow, and unite in a different business, we will evaluate and expand.