Sustainable foundation

In order to create a sustainable foundation, we are also creating five FOR-PROFIT organizations supporting a more mature, peaceful world. We are inviting right-fit and long term investors to work with us.

The five Institutes:

ART Institute (Media, Marketing, and Infotainment)
GROWTH Institute (Education/Certification)
WELLNESS Institute (Holistic physical/mental/relationship health)
TECH Institute (Inspiration/guidance platforms)
WEALTH Institute (Time/money investments)

The vision is long-term over at least three generations, the foundation is designed to become self-sufficient within five years.

The foundation is ignited by the seven promises campaign that is an infotainment movement online and self-ambassador events in major cities .The seven promises campaign will market the self-ambassador events with awareness and guidance on how to live the human contract. The goal this year, is to increase individual dignity that creates a more mature dialog to respect our disagreements and enable us to unite. The impact-events and conferences are about training self-ambassadors, inspiring for self-change. Creating a fun forum for collaboration and a thriving humanity.

With traction and understanding of the message, the foundation will create institutes that will be for-profit, with majority ownership by the foundation. All built on collaboration and partnership to achieve the best and most efficient business. The institute’s purpose over the next hundred years is to reach humans in every walk of life, everywhere on the planet, to inspire and guide people to live their life purpose, create work opportunities and to create a fairer wealth distribution.

The inspiration, broadcasting, communication, support, and education about The Human Contract and the seven promises will always be the top priority and purpose. The outcome with gains and dividend is secondary but also important. Over time each one of these institutes is designed to be profitable and pay dividends to the shareholders.